(V1) Mimetic Action

 Telemann Don Quichotte

 (V2) Dance

Rebel Les Caractéres de la danse

(V1a) 'Throwing gesture'

Sancho punished

 (V1b) 'Sword fighting'

The Windmills

 (V1c) 'Sighing'


(V2a)  'Graceful Lift'

The Courante

 (V2b) 'Energetic bounce'

The Bourrée

(V1e)  'With heavy boots'

The Rigaudon

 (V3) Poetic imagery

Vivaldi The Four seasons

Text materials V2

Text materials V1

Text materials V3

(V3a) 'Hindered movements'







V1aT1 Embodying the scale figure as throwing gesture

V1aT2 Placement of the scale figure in the metric structure

V1aT3 The 'mean' Gavotte

V1aT4 Comparison of Soundist and Gesturist approaches

V1aT5 The body in musical negotiations

V1aT6 While waiting for Sancho to fall

V2aT1 Embodying the Courante lift

V2aT2 Applying knowledge acquired in the dance workshops - my Beat-Box method

V2aT3 Dance terminology applied in violin playing

V2aT4 Kinetic relationship between Arsis and Thesis, and the three levels of metrical structure

V3aT1 Allegro non molto; allegro or not?

V3aT2 To move or not to move; or how to move

(V3b) 'Lamenting gestures'

(V3c) 'Summer lightning'

(V3d) 'Vivaldi refurbished'

Rasmussen Le Quattro stagioni

V3bT1 How does it sound?

V3bT2 Problem of technique, or technical problem

 (V2c) 'Lively flow'

The Menuet

 (V2d) 'A veiled passion'

The Sarabande

V1bT1 Embodying the eight note figure as a “sword attack”

V1bT2 The sixteenth notes “in the combat'

V1bT3 With a real sword in hand?

V1bT4 Constructing the intensity – dynamics  vs. timing

V2bT1 Energetic jumps and graceful flow

V2bT2 The kinetic metamorphosis of rhythmical structure

V3cT1 HIP player becoming a Soundist virtuoso

V3cT2 The advantages and impediments of historical instruments

V1cT1 “Embodying the “sighing figure”

V1cT2 The question of breathing

V2cT1 Embodying the Menuet flow

V2cT2 The Menuet’s rhythmical twist

V2cT3 Dance movements in musical performance

V2dT1 The Sarabande “mystery”

V2dT2 To play “slowly”

V2eT1 Embodying the Rigaudon

V2eT2 Beyond the notation

V3dT1 The composer 'in my way'

V3dT2 Rasmussen's hindered movements in a summer heat

V3dT3 Cuckoo passage, or making it swing on paper

V3dT4 Lamenting in a canon

V3dT5 ‘Deprived of repose’, by the hand of the composer?